Spine and Pain Management

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We provide all the services you need to control your pain!

Image guided pain relieving procedures:

Dr. Aathi Thiyaga is a Board Certified Physiatrist with added qualification in Pain Medicine. He offers minimally invasive spine and joint procedures to relieve pain due to spine and joint disorders. All procedures are done in our office, under fluoroscopic guidance. After the initial evaluation, therapeutic options are offered. If need arise, referral to surgery or non invasive pain specialist is made. Non medical options such as medications and pain psychological counselling is available at the same Greenville location at 2076 Woodruff Road. Most patients may need comprehensive care with medications, therapy and pain relieving procedures.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation:

We evaluate patients for muscle weakness, muscle tightness, movement and gait problems that contribute to pain then individually tailor exercise programs to help reduce pain and increase activity levels.

Medical Management of Pain:

Medical management of pain involves electrodiagnosis, physical therapy modalities, trigger point injections, peripheral joint injections and medication. We believe that by relieving pain early in its cycle, side effects that make pain worse and curb activities can be limited. Early intervention also lets patients become more active and avoid some of the deconditioning effects that worsen health, and the psychological complications of unremitting pain.

Chronic pain touches every aspect of our lives. We cannot fully work, move about, or enjoy life. Sudden pain that comes from an illness or injury can be just as disruptive and devastating. Our Pain Management Program is a comprehensive, service with many methods to help bring pain under control, and manage the side effects of treatment. The pain program is multi-disciplinary, with many options for treating pain.

Pain Management goals:

  • Increased physical function
  • Decreased reliance on medication
  • Return to work and daily activities